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25 Unique Hispanic Baby Boy Names

25 Unique Hispanic Baby Boy Names - Mi LegaSi

When I was pregnant, before we knew we were having a girl, we (well I) had some boy names picked out. Good thing we had a girl cause those names were not going to be easy for mis padres(my parents)....”Blay” (Blake), “Tailo” (Tyler), and I can hear my mom saying “Lo dañaste con ese ‘Narisón’” (Morisson)!  "You ruined him with that name!" In case you haven’t figured the relation, they’re all some of my favorite musicians. Like I said, we did have a girl and named her Victoria Grace and my parents only butcher Grace, not so bad.

Mi Familia

Back to your baby.  I've compiled a list from top baby name app "Baby Names" of rare but up trending Spanish & Latin baby boy names and narrowed it down to 25. Maybe you'll find your baby's name here :)

Hispanic Baby Boy Names 

25 Unique Hispanic Baby Boy Names

1. Aurelio:  Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Golden

2. Bastian: Latin Origin.  Meaning: Derived from Sebastian.

3. Castiel:  Latin Origin.  Meaning:  Angel of Thursday.

4.  Devante:  Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Fighter of Wrong

5.  Ezequiel: Spanish Origin.  Meaning: God will strengthen.

6.  Felipe: Spanish Origin.  Meaning:  Horse lover.

7.  Francesco: Latin Origin.  Meaning:  From France.

8.  German: Spanish Origin.  Meaning:  From Germany.

9.  Hernan: Spanish Origin.  Meaning:  Bold Journey.

10.  Isandro:  Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Mans Liberator.

11.  Julien: Latin Origin.  Meaning:  Jove's Child.

12.  Krystiano: Latin Origin.  Meaning: Follower of Christ.

13.  Lucian: Latin Origin.  Meaning: Light.

14.  Lyonel: Latin Origin.  Meaning: Lion

15.  Mauro: Latin Origin.  Meaning:  Dark Skinned.

16.  Miguelangel: Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Combination of Miguel and Angel.

17.  Neven: Latin Origin.  Meaning:  Holy, Sacred, Servant of the Saints Disciple.

18.  Patrizio: Latin Origin.  Meaning: Noble.

19.  Santana: Latin Origin.  Meaning: Holy.

20.  Rinaldo: Latin Origin.  Meaning: Ruler's Advisor.

21.  Roldan: Spanish Origin.  Meaning: Famous.

22.  Salvino:  Origin.  Meaning:  Savior.  Derived from Salvador.

23.  Viktor: Latin Origin.  Meaning:  Winner.  Conqueror.

24.  Vincenzo: Latin Origin.  Meaning: Victorious

25.  Xaviel: Spanish Origin.  Meaning:  Bright. Splendid.

Hope you found some inspiration.  Ultimately it's your decision.  People will always have their opinions.  What matters is that you and your partner are happy with the decision and if your child grows up hating it, they can always change it when they turn 18 ;) besides you can always call them Mijo or Mija ;)

Finally, if you're planning on raising your baby connected to their Latino roots and would live them to be bilingual, Check out how I can help you do the same.

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