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Finding My Inner Strength, A Latina Mom’s Approach When Life Gets Messy

Finding My Inner Strength, A Latina Mom’s Approach When Life Gets Messy - Mi LegaSi

Sometimes you have those weeks where you seem to be going somewhere and the road you're on has a detour after detour road sign.  Maybe you feel like the saying, when it rains it pours, or you feel like you're going "de mal enpeor." (from bad to worse).  How do you get from the madness or darkness to the light?  Here's my story...

I need a cafecito

It's been an unexpected week.  From falling down the stairs, closed school days, a sick dog, a flooded kitchen, then no working sink, house hunting with a husband that is away on tour (he's a musician), to a now sick daughter with a stomach bug all while trying to work a day job.  Can you say, wtf?  ¿Que es loque esta pasando?  I'll be honest, I've had a few weeks where it's been a roller coaster ride. 

Life is a Roller coaster ride

So what happens when I have these crazy weeks?  How do I cope and deal with the chaos?  How do I see the silver lining in every situation?  Am I superhuman? No. Do I cry? Yes. These are my tips for finding your inner strength, to get you through anything life has to throw at you.

Inner Strength

Finding Your Inner Strength When Life is Difficult

1.  Find Your Inner Strength in Gratitude

No matter how crazy or maddening your situation or circumstance may being grateful for what you have and where you are in life helps build your strength. Knowing that there are others that have it worse, helps put things in perspective.   Do you have running water? Did you know that 790 Million people do not have access to an improved water supply?  Did you eat today? Do you have a roof over your head?  Sometimes our huge problems are not so huge at all.  Simply practicing saying I am grateful for... puts out positive energy and sets you up for abundance.


2.  Find Your Inner Strength in a Good Cry

When we cry we are essentially cleansing our bodies by releasing toxins.  Crying can be very healing.  We are releasing emotion followed by a physical response.  When you have a "good cry" you should feel tension released, a weight lifted off your shoulders, and you should feel good.  A "bad cry" will have the opposite effect.  Leave the self criticism out and focus on healing your hurt.  I typically cry when I'm angry or overwhelmed.  I let it out as much as I need to, there is no perfect amount of time, just listen to your body's needs.


3.  Find Your Inner Strength in Movement

Exercise also releases feel good chemicals in the body helping you better deal with situations. I know I am most centered when I consistently practice yoga.  I can tell from how I feel when I don't (like the past 2 weeks).  Whether it's yoga, the gym, going for a long walk, or dancing, finding a release through movement will make you feel physically and emotionally strong.

Find Strength in Yoga

4.  Find Your Inner Strength in Your Commitment

What does this mean?  It means that when you make a commitment to yourself "to get back up," or "to keep pushing," or "to keep looking ahead," these words fuel your inner fire.  Write them, say them, and speak them.  Whatever your commitment to yourself is, when you are down, say them out loud and they will give you strength.  


5.  Find Inner Strength in Just Being Where you Are

Sometimes we want something to happen so bad we can't even think straight.  When things don't go the way you planned or anticipated, it's very frustrating.  It's easy to look at better times and compare. Don't.  You are exactly where you need to be right now.  Find inner strength knowing that the universe is working behind closed doors for you.  You may not understand it but acknowledging you're here, right now, in this moment gives you strength.  Mindfulness is a powerful thing.

Just Be

6.  Find Your Inner strength in your Higher Self

My biggest source of strength is my spirituality.  For me, it's God.  It's that bigger entity, bigger than myself, that faith or belief that we are here temporary and that I must be true to myself in order to serve that higher power.  Believing in God fuels my inner strength.  Does your spirituality fuel you?

Power of Prayer

7.  Find your inner Strength in Self Love

When things go wrong or life gets messy it's easy to put the blame on yourself.  It's easy to criticize yourself, be hard on yourself, and minimize your self worth.  I know I've been working on improving my inner dialog for years and changing some of the dialog passed down from my Latina upbringing to a more empowering dialog.  I am bella.  I am strong.  I am worthy,  I am smart. I am, I am, I am... Using kind words to love yourself will fuel your inner strength.

Love Yourself


Life is hard sometimes, but we don't have to be hard on ourselves.  Finding, fueling, and nurturing your inner strength will help you get through anything.  Know that you are stronger than you believe.  You can do this and you will!


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