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Potty Training Woes, Que Cansancio (I'm so Tired)!

Potty Training Woes, Que Cansancio (I'm so Tired)! - Mi LegaSi

My daughter Victoria is almost 2 and a half and we have been potty training for what seems like forever. In her defense she has been doing really well and we've graduated to panties...well kind of sort of.

What You Hear

 It's funny when you read or hear about potty training in 3 days as early as 18 months, yeah I call that CRAP! I've been potty training for MONTHS and I can honestly tell you my daughter is not 100% trained, but she's 80% there. I don't think it's possible to fully potty train in a matter of days, but hey, every child is different so I suppose it can be possible.

 What Has Worked For Me

  1. Sticker Charts like the one below. Every successful trip to the bathroom would get a sticker and at the end of the chart a small prize. This worked amazingly well in the beginning.
  2. Dresses, dresses, and skirts. I have found that we have much more successful days when Victoria wears dresses or skirts because it's simply easier and quicker for BOTH of us. Plus if she has an accident I'm likely to just change out her panties and not her entire wardrobe.
  3. Watch the clock like a hawk. When I keep track of when Victoria goes to the bathroom I can estimate (depending on fluids of course), when she's likely to go again.  I anticipate. While I ask her if she has to go, I know to TAKE her regardless if she says no. 8 out of 10 times they will say they dont have to and then they do.
  4. Tell them to "TRY." Toddlers have a power trip going on.  They want to be in control but WE need to BE in control, because they depend on us. They need to FEEL in control of the situation. If they feel forced or pressured they will be defiant. My husband started the practice of telling Victoria, "try and go pee pee, if you don't have to it's ok." This has worked way better than anything else.
  5. Diaperless at home.  I read somewhere that children use diapers as a security.  So when they don't have them on they feel less "comfortable" and more prone to to go to the potty.

So why am i so cansada (tired)?

Having to do laundry multiple times a week is a pain in my rear. Accidents will happen and while I don't get angry with Victoria I do loathe having to do laundry again, and again, and again.

I know nothing lasts forever so this phase too shall pass and then we'll move on to the next one. In the meantime, lots of extra clothes, panties, patience, and love cause before we know it they'll be running off to college and then what do we do?


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