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2.03 Kathy Galloway - Reinventing the Spanish Immersion Experience

2.03 Kathy Galloway - Reinventing the Spanish Immersion Experience - Mi LegaSi

Have you ever thought of having a taking a family language immersion vacation? On today's show, I have a Latina mom of 2 that has reinvented the Spanish Immersion vacation with lessons and activities your abuela would be proud of. 
She's a moro lover and founder of Dual Language Family, Kathy Galloway.
Join us as we talk about the inspiration behind empowering families and helping low income communities through her company's Spanish reading program, she also offers tips on how she's raising two preteen bilingual daughters, and how she's passing down her favorite Dominican recipes.

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Season 2 Podcast Episode 03 Show Notes:

Dual Language Language Spanish Immersion Vacation

Connect with Kathy Galloway @duallanguagefamily
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