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442 - How These Latina Moms are Raising Bilingual Spanish Kids

442 - How These Latina Moms are Raising Bilingual Spanish Kids - Mi LegaSi

Are you a Latina mom that wants to raise a bilingual child?  Do you want to feel connected to other moms like you?  In this episode, we look back at 2022 and how these Latina moms are raising bilingual children.

Join us as we talk about struggles, fears, mistakes, and what has and hasn’t worked for these moms.  Bilingual parenting is unique for every family.  From raising children that don’t speak English when they start school to moms raising bilinguals when their Spanish isn’t strong, we cover many different scenarios.  Grab your Cafecito so you can start relating.   Asi que no te lo pierdas!

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Host, Janny Perez is a Latina mom raising a multilingual and multicultural daughter to be proud of her roots.

Join her as she interviews Latina moms, and language & heritage experts and motivates you to stay on your bilingual parenting journey. Grab a cafecito, we’re talking bilingualism, growing up Latina, and tradiciones.

The show alternates between interviews and solo shows. Tuesdays feature guest interviews of powerful Latina moms from around the world as they share their bilingual parenting tips, how they're impacting the Latinx community and a fast round of questions where guests share their favorites about their Hispanic heritage.

If you found the blog post useful and want to see additional resources to raise bilingual Spanish children connected to their roots, see how Janny, the Latina Mom Legacy podcast host can help with more resources.

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