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EP455 SLP Carolina Marroquin - Bilingualism Myths and Language Milestones in Children

EP455 SLP Carolina Marroquin - Bilingualism Myths and Language Milestones in Children - Mi LegaSi


What can you improve on your bilingual parenting journey? Today I have a very special guest that is going to support you: Carolina Marroquin. speech and language pathologist, and sancocho lover.

We will talk about myths surrounding language and speech development in bilingual kids, age-appropriate milestones, how we can help their development right at home and why it has to be fun.  Así que no te lo pierdas!



 In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • Tips for Raising a Bilingual Child.
  • How to use the 80/20 model in bilingual education.
  • Milestones that  parents need to know in terms of language development.
  • Myths about speech and language development.


"And so this is probably a good time to mention that bilingual influence will not delay them(...) Believe it or not, we've heard still of that sort of myth that their bilingualism is what's causing some delays. And truth be told, the data and the research says that if there is a language delay, it's going to be present no matter how many languages the child is exposed to"

 "The fact is that children are capable of learning multiple languages, and even children with some developmental delays can learn different languages."

"And the other thing is also important to think about is that children develop differently. So you may have an older child and you're thinking, oh, well, Juanito was like saying a whole bunch at this age and Juanito isn't. But it doesn't necessarily mean there's a delay. All children develop differently." 

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