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460 Karina Mora - How to Reclaim Your Cultural Legacy For Your Kids

460 Karina Mora - How to Reclaim Your Cultural Legacy For Your Kids - Mi LegaSi

What do you do when you're a professional photographer and you find yourself taking pictures of your Mexican culture being appropriated? How do you transform your life, learn about your roots and culture, and relearn Spanish for your kids? In this episode, Latina mom, photographer, and host of Elevating La Cultura Podcast, Karina Mora, shares her empowering story.

 Join us as we talk about the importance of reclaiming our cultural legacies and the challenges we face as first-generation Latinos in the US. Learn about what inspired her to take a look back at her life and change the narrative moving forward. Plus, we’ll talk about how she’s homeschooling bilingual kids, how she’s creating Latinx spaces, and her favorite dish from Guadalajara. Yo, a Latina mom, bilingual parenting educator,and now author, Janny Perez te invito as we take a closer look. ¡Así que no te lo pierdas!



What you’ll learn from this episode

  • How assimilation can lead you to live a dual identity.
  • How cultural and language shame affects you and your kids.
  • How you can start to reclaim your cultural legacy and what that means for your kids.

About Karina Mora

Karina Mora

  • Podcast host of Elevating La Culture Podcast
  • Professional Photographer
  • Keynote Speaker on Reclaiming Your Cultural Legacy
  • Connect at




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