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462 - Danielle Ciribassi A Trilingual Parenting Case Study

462 - Danielle Ciribassi A Trilingual Parenting Case Study


In this special case study episode a multicultural and multilingual mom, Danielle Ciribassi shares her early multilingual journey all the way from West Africa. Originally from Chicago, today she is raising trilingual children in English, French and Wolof.

Daniel was exposed to different cultural foods and customs from an early age. Now she shares her lessons so far about bilingual parenting. Listen as she shares her current struggles and I offer recommendations that she can begin to apply from now on.  Plus, we learn a bit about life in West Africa, the foods that are similar to Latino foods, and what inspired her to move there from Chicago. 

¡Así que no te lo pierdas!


In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • Exploring Different Approaches for Raising a Multilingual Child.
  • Supporting Bilingualism in the Home.
  • Toolbox to teach a language to a child: Empathy, Fun, and Patience.
  • Senegalese Culture and Hospitality.
  • Cultural Identity and Legacy.


The only thing I can say so far is that I could say have some empathy for the child and how they must feel, because I think as adults, maybe forget how it is to be a little kid.

 I think just staying true to your values, staying true to who you are, not letting other people influence you. I think just being confident who you are as a parent. 

 On the one hand, people are very well known for taranga, which is our word for hospitality. So their main thing is making foreigners feel, like, at home and making you feel at ease. 

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