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Ep-5 - The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast - Teaching your kids how to be grateful with Kayla Alonso

Ep-5 - The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast - Teaching your kids how to be grateful with Kayla Alonso - Mi LegaSi

How does a pastor's daughter teach her kids to be grateful?  How does the same American mom raise bilingual kids with her husband's Mexican traditions?  Well, this mom's story is absolutely fascinating.  In today's episode, we talk with  American mom and founder of Baby Devotions, Kayla Alonso.  We talk about raising "little Latinas,"  instilling gratitude and a belief in something bigger than themselves, and she shares her funny stories about being married to a Mexican man.  Plus we'll have a yummy Mexican Calabaza Dulce recipe and a very special Baby Devotions Freebie  just for you!

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Podcast Episode 05 Show Notes:

Kayla Alonso's Bilingual Tips & Recommendations

Shows to Watch in Spanish:

1.  Netflix for Disney movies in Spanish

2. Daniel Tiger on You Tube

3.  Daniel Tiger Gratitude Tree el árbol de gracias episode

Recommended Spanish App for Kids:

1. Endless Spanish App

Endless Spanish App


Spanish Book Recommendations for Kids:



Dulce de Calabaza

Dulce de Calabaza


Baby Devotions Pray n Play

“Let the fields and their crops burst with joy!” -Psalm 96:12a. Show your little one the meaning of this verse with the Joyful Harvest Pray n’ Play pack. Everything that the Lord has made praises Him, this includes the fields and their crops. And if plants can praise him, so can we! This is a bilingual resource, with all materials in English and Spanish!

Are you a Latina mom or multicultural mom raising bilingual, bi-cultural, or multicultural children?  Be a guest on our show and contact me at

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