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EP457 Getting Your Spouse's Support in Passing Down Language and Culture

EP457 Getting Your Spouse's Support in Passing Down Language and Culture - Mi LegaSi

Today,  you'll be getting a Feliz Friday Update, because we’ll talk about how important it is to create a supportive environment in order to ensure that both parents are on board with raising a bilingual child.  

Sometimes we need a conversation with our spouse to talk about what both can do better to create a supportive environment for our children and the language learning process. Remember, it's a team effort and we’re also learning as parents and as a couple!   Plus, get a personal health update and see what's been going on. Así que no te lo pierdas!




What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to approach a conversation with your spouse about bilingual parenting?
  • The Benefits of Raising a Bilingual Child: What's in it for Your Spouse?
  • Exploring Intercultural Traditions: Incorporating Your Spouse's Customs and Traditions into Your Family Life.


Find out what's stopping them, what's preventing them from doing that. Is it a comfort thing? Is it because they don't feel comfortable in their level of Spanish or their level of the minority language? Is it because it's not convenient for them? Is it out of habit, like they're just not used to it?

We're not dealing with animals. We're not training animals. We're not training dogs with a biscuit. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes patience. It's not something that happens overnight. It doesn't happen overnight.

“Traveling is a way that our spouses can share their culture with us and a way to build a stronger bond as a family and a stronger connection”

“If they're not getting it from your spouse, they're going to need that added exposure somewhere else, whether it's a tutor, whether it's a language school. Whether it's taking them more to see their extended family, because you know that your suegra will talk to them in the minority language, you know that the cuñada, your sister in law or mother in law will talk to them in the minority language”

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