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Mamas trabajadoras

It's hard to stay focused on your goals when as a mom you're...a doer, nurturer, doctor, fix it all, and you can put out fires, too. I took what worked for my busy mama lifestyle and designed these Free Mi Legasi Goals to Success Printable Worksheets to help me stay focused and on track with the bigger picture. So how can you stay focused on your personal goals, when you have two loads of laundry waiting for you?  I may have the answer you are looking for...
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Want to know the scary truth about working Latina moms?  Why the workplace doesn't support working moms?  Take a further look at the new Working Mama blog and the stats for working moms.  Being a mom is hard, that in itself is enough for a full-time job, but for many it's simply not enough, despite the stats. Many moms take time off work after they have children.  Sometimes, they return to their jobs and other times they decide to stay home with their kids.  Every situation is different and every mom has her own story...

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It's no secret, I work a lot, I'm sure you do too. Whether you're a mompreneur, entrepreneur, career woman or man, we can all use tips that will make our lives easier so we can focus on what truly brings us happiness. Whether it's spending more time with your kids, your spouse, or yourself, set yourself up to win.Find out how with these 12 hacks that will improve you family life.
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It takes a certain type of person to be an entrepreneur, freelancer, or contractor.  The uncertainty of tomorrow, the desire to take action and go after your dreams, the rejections, the highs and lows are all things we have to deal with.  Our mothers and fathers had a huge impact on us as children.  You take what you've learned and you want push harder, aim higher, and go farther, why?  Maybe because you are now a mamá or papá.  Maybe you want to make your familia proud or maybe you simply want to break a cycle and prove that yes you can.  Whatever the reason, there are lessons that you can learn.  These are the lessons that I've learned from my father...
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