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You Can Do This With Cafecito To Do List Daily Planner and Notebook

  • DAILY FOCUS TO STAY ON TRACK:  Staying organized has never been easier - the daily to do notebook that our Latina momboss founder created features space for daily to do’s, areas of prioritization, gratitude, notes, shopping, health, & even a kindness reminder.
  • BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: Use the daily to do list notepad (8.5" X 5.5”) to plan & work smarter not harder for efficient daily task management. The the undated to do planner you can plan out 40 days.  You decide which days those are and aren't stuck with and old planner that you never got to use.
  • UNIQUE & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Allows you to take this planner everywhere.   Why add bulk to your already bulky bag?  Plus, the unique design will make you stand out for sure.
  • STAY MOTIVATED & FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY: While tracking progress is a great motivational tool, this daily list planner reminds you to be intentional by also becoming a gratitude and kindness journal.

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