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Mi LegaSi Press Release


Janny Perez



­­­Celebrate your Hispanic Heritage every month as you Connect, Create, and Carry On.


Brooklyn, NY:  Finally, a monthly delivered subscription box with the Latina mom and family in mind that supports the Latino community. Now you can Connect with your culture, Create with your young child, and Carry on your family’s traditions. What do you want your LegaSi to be?


Mi LegaSi™ Subscription Box is about helping you with a monthly delivered box that contains 5-8 items that connects you with your Latino culture, nurtures your young child's creativity and Español, and helps you tell your family's history and stories with activities that make it easy for you to document and create a family heirloom.  But we haven't forgotten about you Mamá!  Because you are at the heart of your familia, every month you will get feel good/feel proud curated gifts because you deserve something just for you! Sign up for a monthly subscription at


Founder, Janny Perez explains, “I created Mi LegaSi because after I had my daughter, I felt the need to ensure that she knew where she came from and what it means to be Latina: to experience the foods, culture, art, music, stories, language, and traditions while supporting Latino artists, small businesses, and charities. I wanted to create a product and service for the busy Latina mom with a young family that celebrates her culture and strives to pass it on to her children. Mi LegaSi was created to help families create their legacy so they can focus on what’s important, precious time.”

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