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Bilingual Kids

As a Colombian mom raising a multicultural daughter, it's important to me that my daughter grows up understanding about my culture as well as her father's European culture.  While there is nothing better than traveling to actual Colombia, I do my best looking for books that can bring the country a little closer to home in America and I am so happy that we have come across these books.
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It's important to me as a Latina mom and American citizen that my multicultural daughter grows up learning about her native country, The United States of America.  While we celebrate our Hispanic heritage and European heritage, we make sure to honor and celebrate our American culture and country as well.  With 4th of July just around the corner, these are our favorite books that honor America in English and Spanish.
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There are many ways to teach kids about being a good friend.  Besides talking about it and modeling by having good friendships yourself, you can read to your child.  Teaching children about friendsip sets their foundation for future relationships. Here are some books in English and Spanish that can help you achieve that.
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I'm assuming that if you're looking at this list of books you're in need of help getting your bilingual child potty trained.  My daughter is now 6 and we're well past the potty training phase but I can assure you, it was not easy.  I still don't understand when I hear moms say that they potty trained in 3 days, for me it seemed to take forever.  Don't worry, the good news is that they will get potty trained and one day you too can look back.  I'm providing you a list of books that will help but you can also check out our potty training blog links and our potty training charts that I created in desperation to help my daughter get potty trained and guess what?  They totally work!  but first let's get to the books:
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Having a daughter with very strong emotions and that suffers from anxiety, I am always looking for books that send encouraging messages or that can become part of our everyday reading.  As a parent who has been suffering grief for months after losing my father, it's also important to talk to my daughter about deep feelings and sadness to try and normalize the conversation and the importance of mental health. 

Too many times in Latino culture these conversations do not take place and we're forced to internalize and deal with our own feelings on our own.  When our children see that we're open about our emotions, when we seek help, and it's simply a part of our lives, then we can not only have a better relationship with ourselves but a better relationship with our kids as open communication is enforced.  Here are...

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Moms tend to have very special relationships with their young kids.  I love nurturing this relationship with my daughter and having books that celebrate our relationship.  I'm sharing with you a list of books that celebrate moms that are perfect to encourage their bilingual journey.  Most of these books we have, others are on our to buy list.  Is your favorite one here?
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Growing up Latino, October was always a festive month, we celebrated Halloween but also Dia de Muertos. There would be decorations all around the city and we would have a party at school, get to dress up and “pedir la calaverita” <trick or treat>. I am so excited to celebrate now with “los bodoques” and get to pick a costume, decorate altogether and do some pumpkin carving – or painting for them. Sharing the best of both cultures with my little Latinx. 

Let’s get in the Halloween mood with these awesome bilingual books for Latino kids...

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Elections are especially important events in our country, and for our family they are so embedded in our lives that in fact our biggest milestones are marked by an election. When I met my husband, I met him because he was working on a political campaign - 2008 elections. We got engaged as the 2009 mid-term elections unfolded. We had our first baby during the 2018 primary elections and found out we were expecting our second baby at the national convention. So yes, politics and political campaigns are very much a part of our lives. 

Now, how to talk to "los bodoques" about an election? But more importantly, how to explain the importance of voting? Here are some book suggestions about elections and voting...

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Most states are going back to school within the following weeks or even might have started a couple of weeks ago, but how is going back to school during the pandemic going to look like? Well, as we are learning it will look and be quite a different experience depending on your state, county, school district, or even public vs private school. The only common theme is that it will be different. 

Here are some Spanish and English book recommendations to support navigate the 2020 back to school.

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It's women's empowerment month.  Becoming an empowered woman doesn't happen overnight.  It's your life lessons and experiences that build you up to become the strong Latina that you are today.  But what about our daughters?  We can teach them to become empowered little girls through their own life lessons and the messages we teach them.  These messages can come in the form of things we say so they can mimic us, empowered clothing, and books, my personal favorite.  Here are some great books that we've read that will speak to that little feminista....
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On this special minisode of The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast, I have a conversation with my 4 year old bilingual daughter Victoria Grace and her two amiguitos Eli and Chico.  We talk about Halloween and review one of our favorite books for the Halloween and Day of the Dead season, Es La Hora de los Esqueletos, It's SqueletonTime.
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Valentine's Day has never been a big event in our home.  My husband and I focus on our love for each other and want our daughter to start to understand this concept, that It's not about a specific day or material things.  There are many books that help teach kids about amor and kindness. These are from my soon to be 3 year old Victoria's personal collection and among her favorites, in no particular order.
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