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Best Bilingual Spanish Toys for 2022

Best Bilingual Spanish Toys for 2022 - Mi LegaSi

If you want to raise a bilingual Spanish child, que hable Español, one of the best ways that you can do this is by making sure that you make it FUN!  Children learn through play and getting them engaged, excited, and looking forward to playing with toys that enhance their language learning skills will make your job as a parent much easier when it comes to raising bilingual children.  Luckily,  I have a list of bilingual toys that your children and your family will enjoy in your bilingual parenting journey.

Best Bilingual Toys That Will Make Learning Spanish Fun

As a busy mom, I know you don't have tons of time to look online searching for toys to enhance your child's Spanish learning, I got you!  Here is my list for this year's best bilingual Spanish toys.

1. Vtech Magical Table

Vtech Bilingual SPanish Toy Table
I'm a big fan of activity tables for toddlers.  My daughter had a similar table to this one when she was younger and she absolutely loved it.  It's also one of those toys that your child enjoys for more than a couple of weeks.  This one has 6 fun activities or mini stations in English and Spanish that encourage your child to explore.  It has light-up music buttons on the gear toy to play music and learn about colors, they can pick up the pretend baby phone and press the number buttons to call animal friends.  I especially love that you can take off the legs and use for younger ones.  A great toy geared for ages 6 month to 3 years.

2. Bilingual English and Spanish Words about Places I Go Book

Bilingual Spanish Toys Words about Places I Go
I love that Leapfrog continues to expand this line of toys that encourages vocabulary building in English and Spanish, this year introducing the 100 Words About Places I Go Book.  Your child can explore over 100 words in two languages.  Your child can touch words on each page to hear words in three play modes, Words, Colors and Counting, and Fun Sounds.  They also have 100 Words, 100 Animals, and 100 things that GoBooks that you can add to your child's collection.
Bilingual Boom Box

For the retro loving mama thisFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Busy Boombox is sure to bring a smile to your face and your little one's face. ​Smart Stages learning levels teach letters of the alphabet, counting in English and Spanish, colors, shapes, and opposites.  I love that it's portable and has lots of knobs, switches, and slider that your little one can play with.  It's also great because it'll grow with them.  Perfect for 6 months to 36 months.

4. Bilingual Spanish BeginAgain Cat Family Color Names Puzzle

Bilingual SPanish Cat Puzzle Toy

Puzzles help children with their fine motor skills and this

Bilingual Spanish BeginAgain Cat Family Color Names Puzzleencourages your little one to learn colors and language while playing and helping to improve problem-solving skills and creative thinking! A bonus is that these are Eco-Friendly.  Me encanta!

5. LeapFrog Level Up and Learn Controller, Pink

Bilingual Spanish Toy Controller
is a great toy for on the go.  My daughter had a similar game when she was younger and we took it everywhere.  It kept her entertained as she played and listened to Spanish during car rides.  This controller helps your child get to know six animals and their sounds; hear about ABCs, counting, numbers, opposites, rhyming and Spanish.  WIth lots of colorful buttons and sounds this one is great for those 6 months and older.
Bilingual Spanish Toy Drum
The BilingualLeapFrog Learn & Groove Color Play Drum is another fun musical toy for your child.  I love that children can hear three different musical styles including salsa!   Children will learn in both English and Spanish about colors, opposites and counting numbers.  Hey, who knows?  You may have the next Tito Puente in your hands!

7.Tonies Spanish Playtime Songs Audio Play Character

Bilingual SPanish Toniebox
If you're not familiar with Toniebox, let me just tell you, it's an amazing audio box that brings stories and music to life for kids.  Toniebox is a very innovative toy that can keep kids entertained without screen time.  I LOVE that they have now included Spanish Playtime Songs to make Spanish learning even more exciting and fun for kids.  With 16 classic songs like Pinpon, Los Elefantes, and Arroz Con Leche and 40 minutes of uninterrupted play this is great for kids 3 and up. 

8.BOHS Spanish Literacy Wiz Fun Game

Bilingual SPanish Flash Cards GAme
I love this BOHS Spanish Literacy Wiz Fun Flashcard Game for when you start transitioning your child to begin to read in Spanish.  It helps them associate letters and text to images.  There is a flap that covers the spelling so you say for example, "Pá-ja-ro" and your child will listen and start writing the words.  Kids can also play with a sibling or friend during a Spanish play date.  Focused play, more concentration, and a winner if they're competitive.
While we don't have this Race to Madrid board game YET, it is on our list because it is difficult to find Spanish learning games as your child gets older and it's super important that if you want to raise bilinguals that it continues to be fun.
I love that this is a board game that actually challenges you to create sentences and is the winner of 10 awards including Toy Talk’s Best Board Game of the Year.  The only drawback for me is that the Spanish is from Spain and I am from Colombia so we don't use the "vosotros" in our Spanish conversation.  Something minor for such a great idea.



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