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2023 Holiday Toy Gift Guide From a Latina Mom

2023 Holiday Toy Gift Guide From a Latina Mom - Mi LegaSi

¡Hola a todos! As a proud Latina mom, the holiday season holds a special place in my heart. It's that time of the year when we come together as a familia to celebrate our rich traditions and create lasting memories. Can you hear the "Mi Burrito sabanero" song, followed by tamales, in anticipation of Santa, el niño Jesus or Los Reyes Magos? One of my favorite parts of the season is selecting the perfect toys that not only bring joy but also reflect our culture and values. Join me as I share my top holiday toy gift picks that embody the warmth, vibrancy, and educational spirit I hold dear as a Latina mom. Let's make this holiday unforgettable for our pequeños with gifts that speak to our heritage and nurture their young minds and hearts.

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Tech Toys for 2023

Educational Toys for 2023

Creative Toys for 2023

Dolls or Plush for 2023

Games or Puzzles for 2023

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Tech Toys for 2023

 Available at Amazon


  • 1.52" TFT Touchscreen

  • 5 Megapixel Camera with 8GB Storage Space

  • Microphone & Speaker

  • Make and receive phone calls

  • Send and receive messages (including voice messages & emojis)

  • Magnetic Charging

  • Pedometer (G-sensor)

  • Waterproof IP68 up to 2m

REASONS TO BUY: Easily stay in contact with your kids without giving them a cell phone.

REASONS TO AVOID: Expense when you factor in the monthly subscription.

WHY I LIKE IT AS A LATINA MOM: I grew up in a Latino home where playdates and sleepovers were never allowed. As a Latina mom living in the US, I'm still hesitant about these with my own child, but I am so happy I found a great solution.  With the XGO3 or X6Play, your child can enjoy safe and playful activities, encouraging them to explore the real world, while you can still keep a close watch, no pun intended ;).  Ok, so technically it's not a toy but it will become your family's favorite gadget this holiday season.  This will be my daughter's main gift this Christmas as she's been driving us crazy for a cell phone.

I Recommend this for tweens (kids ages 8-12).


Xplora X6 Play

The smartwatch prioritizes safety and control, with no internet access, unwanted calls, or social media exposure. It features easy charging and parental control through the Xplora Parental App, which allows you to manage the watch and access the Activity Platform. Additionally, the X3Play or X6Play offers customizable options with a variety of color combinations for straps, loops, and frames.  This is also a great alternative to that phone they've been driving you crazy about and with the School Mode for Distraction-Free Learning, you don't have to worry they'll be distracted in school.



Miko 3: AI-Powered Smart Robot for Kids

Miko 3 Spanish Language Learning Robot

 Available at Amazon



  • Award-winning, kid-friendly high-tech robot with diverse activities.

  • Engages kids with diverse educational content.

  • Features content from Disney, Paramount  Consumer Products, and Kidoodle TV

  • Kid Safe, supportive, and entertaining robot friend.

  • Miko 3 can interact, tell stories, and play games in 8 languages from around the world. Choose from English, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Chinese. Italian, German, French, and Arabic.

  • Microphone, Speaker, and Wide Angle High-Resolution IPS Display

  • 6.3 L X 5.5 W X 8.67 H inches. Outside of the box, Miko 3 weighs just 2 lbs.


REASONS TO BUY: A robot that grows with your child and has great educational content.



Miko 3, is a fantastic tool for bilingual parenting as it enhances children's development through its advanced technology, friendly personality, and educational STEAM content.

Initially, I was hesitant about using Miko, but after seeing its positive impact on kids' engagement with academic activities and witnessing its adaptability through deep-learning AI, I now feel more confident and enthusiastic about incorporating it into our bilingual parenting journey.


I Recommend this for kids ages 5-10 years old.

Miko AI


Children can engage, tell stories, and play games with it in 8 different languages!  including English, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Chinese. Italian, German, French, and Arabic, perfect for any bilingual or multilingual family. Kids who interact with Miko regularly have shown a significant 55% increase in engagement with academic activities on the platform. With its deep-learning AI, Miko adapts to your child's preferences over time, making it a personalized and effective way to support bilingual learning.




 Available at Amazon



  • Coding Languages: Blockly & Python

  • Age Range: 8+

  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable

  • Connectivity: Password-protected Wi-Fi


  • Spark Curiosity: Inspire wonder, thinking, and exploration with STEM and coding.

  • Level Up Coding Skills: Program PYXEL for amazing actions and tricks in Blockly and Python.

  • Safe and Secure: No internet connection is needed, ensuring a protected coding environment.

  • Simple Setup: Built-in tutorials and guides make coding frustration-free.

REASONS TO AVOID: May take a bit of time to get set up and may not work from the phone.


PYXEL not only enriches my child's coding skills but also aligns with my values of making learning fun and engaging.  As a Latina mom, I'm thrilled to provide a safe and captivating way for my child to explore the world of coding.  They'll command PYXEL to perform amazing actions, showcase sweet expressions, change colors, make silly sounds, and much more, all while leveling up their coding skills in two languages: Blockly and Python.

I Recommend this for kids ages 8 and older.

It's not just a toy; it's a learning journey that will ignite your little one's curiosity and encourage them to explore the fascinating world of STEM and coding.  I can tell you, this dog has been a huge hit in our home and I'm sure it'll be the same in yours.  Unleash the coder in your child and watch them thrive with Educational Insights PYXEL!

LEARN MORE:  Visit the Educational Insights Store


Educational Toys For 2023

Learning Resources Pretend & Play ® Calculator Cash Register

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Cash Register

 Available at Amazon


  • Solar-powered calculator

  • Pretend cash register:

  • 30 pretend bills (6.25" x 2.625")

  • 40 plastic coins (.80" to .995")

  • Pretend credit card

  • Activity guide included

  • Cha-ching sound on drawer opening

REASONS TO BUY:  Encourages math learning and is great for pretend play. REASONS TO AVOID:  Size.  It's pretty big and you may be challenged to find a spot for it.


LEARN MORE: Learning Resources


LeapFrog® Learning Friends® 100 Words Book™LeapFrog® 100 Animals Book™, and LeapFrog® 100 Words About Places I Go™ 

100 Animals100 Places100 Words

 Available at Amazon



  • Touch words for vocabulary, sound effects, and fun facts

  • Press light-up star for two theme songs

  • Bilingual Learning, English and Spanish instructions, words, and songs

  • Ages 18 months and up

  • Requires 2 AA batteries 

REASONS TO BUY:  Wonderful for language learning.

REASONS TO AVOID: None.  I even used them as my daughter grew older.



I absolutely love this learning toy because it seamlessly combines education with play, making it an invaluable tool for children's development. I've featured them almost every year in my Holiday Toy Guides and have even gifted them to family, friends, and even in giveaways (hint Hint). This is one of my most recommended toys for bilingual parenting because it incorporates auditory, read/write, visual, and touch learning.  The interactive feature ensures that learning and listening to words becomes a delightful journey.

I Recommend this for ages 18 months and up.

The incorporation of over 100 age-appropriate words across various categories, from pets and animals to colors and opposites, ensures a comprehensive learning experience. The sensory engagement is fantastic — touching words trigger not only new vocabulary but also entertaining sound effects and fascinating facts. The bilingual aspect, featuring both English and Spanish, adds an extra layer of language development. The inclusion of theme songs accessible through a light-up star button adds an element of joy to the learning process. Best of all, the age suitability from 18 months and up makes it a versatile companion for early childhood education.  I highly recommend these!

Storypod Screen Free Audio Learning System for Babies, Toddlers, Young Kids


 Available at Amazon



  • Tap to activate educational audio through a speaker
  • Diverse content: Music, Fables, Biographies
  • Independent engagement for kids
  • Focus on stage-based child development
  • Dimensions: 9.5" x 6.75" x 9.25"
  • Weight: 2.83 pounds

REASONS TO BUY: Grows with your child.

REASONS TO AVOID: Needs Wifi Connectivity


Storypod is an enchanting learning system that not only engages kids with captivating stories, music, and skill-building but is also perfect for fostering bilingual experiences at home. I came across this wonderful educational speaker at Toy Fair, where I had the privilege of interviewing the product's head content creator.  Listen to episode 507 of The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast, The Best Bilingual and Multicultural Toys of Toy Fair.

I Recommend this for kids ages 0-7 years old.

This magical touch-to-play system includes an interactive audio player, a recordable iCraftie Owl, a recordable story sticker, an interchangeable sleeve, and practical accessories such as a carry strap and charging cable. Storypod is an ideal way to introduce bilingual learning to your child's routine. I love that they have bilingual content and that it grows with your child. Don't miss the opportunity—embark on a bilingual adventure with Storypod today!

LEARN MORE AT:  Storypod


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope  

Geo Safari Talking Microscope

 Available at Amazon



  • Science & exploration toys for kids

  • GeoSafari Jr. Talking Kids Microscope

  • Up-close images, Bindi Irwin's voice

  • Talking microscope for preschoolers

  • Real scientific toy, easy to use

  • 100+ facts & questions, 2 play modes

  • Multilingual Audio: English, Spanish, French, German

REASONS TO BUY:  Great Educational Toy

REASONS TO AVOID:  May go through all the slides if used too often.


The "The Big Idea" Talking Microscope will delight your little scientist.  Developed in collaboration with wildlife warrior Bindi Irwin, this unique educational tool offers preschoolers a captivating exploration of nature. With 5x magnification and dual eyepieces, it provides a focus-free experience for young learners. This talking microscope is not just a toy; it's a real scientific tool that introduces children to the wonders of the natural world. The set includes 20 slides (60 images), each loaded with over 100 facts and questions, making learning and engaging in multiple languages easier with the press of a (somewhat hidden) button.

I recommend this for kids 4-8 years old.

LEARN MORE: Educational Insights


Creative Toys For 2023 

Nug Lug

Nug Lug

 Available at Nug and Tater



  • Age: 3+

  • 179 pieces included

  • Measurement: 9”x11” closed, 18” x 11” open

  • 1 NugLug system case with bamboo wrap

  • 1 double-sided magnetic whiteboard

  • 1 large interchangeable food-grade container

  • 2 small interchangeable food-grade containers

  • Custom Young Artist Magnet Set, 144 pieces

  • Magnetic blocks set, 8 pieces

  • Magnetic tangram set: 7 wood shapes, 10 double-sided image cards

  • 3 double-sided dry-erase markers with eraser

REASONS TO BUY:  Best on-the-go screen-free toy.

I have to introduce you to the award-winning, Nug Lug, an innovative, screen-free educational kit that's not just fun but also a fantastic tool for fostering your child's inquisitive mind. As a bilingual parent, I know how crucial it is to find engaging activities that support language development, especially on the go.

I recommend this for kids 3-7 years old.

The Nug Lug's unique modular design, including a magnetic whiteboard, alphabet tiles, tangram puzzles, and 3D building blocks (with multiple language cards), offers a hands-on learning experience perfect for nurturing bilingual or multilingual skills.   With its versatile components and emphasis on creativity, the NugLug is a must-have for parents like us who are dedicated to providing a holistic educational journey for our little ones.  You can finally be at ease that your child will be entertained screen-free anywhere you go for more than 5 minutes.

LEARN MORE: Nug and Tater


 PopOhVer Deluxe Bake Shoppe Playset

 Popohver Play Set

 Available at Amazon



  • Award-winning playsets for imaginative, educational fun

  • Quick setup on standard chairs, easy cleanup (*Chair not included)

  • Encourages creativity, communication, counting, measuring, and more

  • Lightweight, portable, ideal for travel and various occasions

  • Includes 13 pieces: stove top, microwave, oven, plush food items, accessories.

REASONS TO BUY:  Best for small spaces.

POPOHVER is an award-winning playset that brings endless joy to kids! The PopOhVer Bake Shoppe Set is designed for imaginative play, fostering skills like communication, counting, and creative storytelling. Setting it up is super easy - just unfold it over a standard chair, secure the inserts for stability, fasten the ties, and you're ready to play! To be honest, I thought it would work with my kitchen chairs cause they are a funny size, but it did.

I love that it is lightweight and portable making it perfect for travel, making it an ideal toy for play dates, sleepovers, and visits to abuela's house. Its 13 pieces, including a four-burner stove top and functional microwave and oven doors, enhance the play experience, with plastic-free plush food items like Donuts & Pastries that provide a realistic touch.

I recommend this for kids 3-6 years old.

For parents raising bilingual or multilingual kids, the PopOhVer Bake Shoppe Set can serve as an engaging tool to encourage language development. Through creative role play and communication during playtime, children can practice using different languages naturally. Furthermore, the incorporation of counting, measuring, and descriptive language in the play experience can reinforce language skills in a fun and interactive manner, making it an excellent addition to any bilingual or multilingual household.



 In Kidz Guatemala Kit In Kidz Co Guatemala Kit

 Available at In Kidz Co


  • Activity Book with stickers

  • Memory Match Game

  • Puzzle

  • Clay (with basket weaving instructions)

  • Jump Rope

  • Soccer Ball

  • Friendship Bracelet

REASONS TO BUY:  Best for building cultural awareness




Okto Clay Succulents Art Set 3D 

Oktoo Clay Succulents

 Available at Amazon



  • Wooden Base

  • Instructional Video QR Code & Tutorial

  • Color Palettes Clay

  • Tool

  • Varnish

  • Brush

  • Inspirational Lettr

  • Hanger

REASONS TO BUY:  Best for tweens or teens that like crafts.


If you're looking to find a unique holiday "toy" for your crafty tween or teen, I highly recommend this one.  They can unlock limitless creativity with Okto art kits, ranging from Flowers in Holland, Sunflowers, or even a Cat this Okto Succulents Passion Box is one of my favorites.

Craft unique succulent masterpieces using sensory art. Break free from routine with this adult (or teen) DIY craft and create stunning wall decor. I found this company when I went to Toy Fair 2023 and was blown away by such a cool concept.  I love doing mommy and me projects and can see this in our future activities list.  A bonus is that once you are done you can hang your beautiful work of art.  Also makes for a great adult gift! 



Dolls or Plush For 2023

Sesame Street Bilingual English Spanish Elmo Slide Plush

Bilingual SPanish ELmo Slide

 Available at Amazon


  • Size: 14 inches

  • Language Options: English and Spanish

  • Interactive Features: Sings, sways, flaps arms, and glides

  • Functions: Elmo Slide dance and Elmo Says game

  • Material: Super-soft fabrics, 100% recycled polyester fill

  • Mobility: Hidden wheels for sliding on smooth surfaces

  • Age Recommendation: 2 years and up

  • Battery Requirement: 4 x AA batteries (included


Engages preschoolers with music, movement, and games.

REASONS TO AVOID:  Battery-operated; may require frequent battery replacements depending on use.

I grew up with Sesame Street and so did my daughter.  Sesame Street is one of those inclusive brands that celebrates diversity and promotes bilingualism, which I totally love.  One of their latest offerings, the bilingual English and Spanish Elmo Slide Plush is a delightful toy with two engaging modes of play. With a simple switch, Elmo's left-hand sets off his infectious 'Elmo Slide' dance, while his right hand initiates the entertaining 'Elmo Says' game. This lovable preschool toy not only speaks and sings in both languages but also features an array of Elmo's endearing phrases and songs, making it an ideal gift for any toddler on your holiday shopping list. 



 YumiAmi Soft Plush Doll and Board Books 

Yumi AMi Dolls

 Available at Amazon



  • Girl Doll Height: 10.5 inches

  • Plush, Huggable, and Durable Construction

  • Unique Fabric Outfit, Detailed Printing, Embroidery

  • Preschool Board Book: 12 Pages, Thick Laminated Pages

  • Positive Messages on Diversity and Inclusion

REASONS TO BUY: Encourages literacy through play. Celebrates diversity. 

REASONS TO AVOID: If your child doesn't like dolls.

AGES: I recommend this for 18 months to 4 years old.


I love toys that celebrate diversity and help children see the beauty in having differences and this collection of dolls is that.  When you step into the enchanting world of YumiAmi, your child's imagination knows no bounds. Meet Melody, Willow, Mei, Kiarra, and Rosa, each with their unique tales woven into engaging board books (included by the way) that celebrate diversity and empower the vibrant world we live in.

With Melody, kids explore the wonders of nature with Willow and her butterfly friend and learn about the power of meditation. Delight in the graceful dance moves of Mei, who encourages dreams to come true with her Wishing Star wand. Discover the joy of science and resourcefulness with Kiarra, who turns challenges into opportunities for learning. Dive into the world of art with Rosa, who fearlessly paints solutions to every problem. I love that it includes her abuela making emapanadas.

These endearing YumiAmi dolls and their heartwarming stories provide a rich cultural experience, perfect for nurturing creativity and fostering a love for storytelling, making them an ideal addition to any multicultural or bilingual family's collection. 




 Latinistas Dolls

Latinistas Doll

 Available at Amazon


  • Size: 11.5-inch doll, removable outfit, accessories.

  • Poseable with 5 points.

  • Includes Accessories

  • Interchangeable outfits (sold separately).


Celebrates Latina culture. Teaches cultural familiarity.

REASONS TO AVOID:  Limited appeal if a child dislikes dolls or fashion play.

AGES: I recommend this for 3 years to adults. (very collectible)


Latinistas are the first all Latina-inspired fashion dolls.  They are a line of cultural fashion dolls created to celebrate, uplift, and inspire a love of family, community and cultura.  I love that they represent the differences within the Latino community and give children and adults an inspirational backstory full of dreams and achievements. 

Whether you prefer fashion designer Lola, straight A and aspiring author Dani, aspiring singer and top student Liv, or NYC painter Julianna , there is a Latinistas waiting for you. 

I had the honor of interviewing DeeDee Wright-Ward, Founder of Purpose Toys on episode 507 of The Latina Mom Legacyt where she talks about the company's new Latino-driven division Purpose Toys Latin, and this new line of all Latina fashion dolls known as Latinistas.

LEARN MORE: My Latinistas


Games or Puzzles 2023

Puzzle Face


Puzzle Face

 Available at Let’s Stick Together


  • Contents: 300 pieces for Puzzle Face assembly.

  • Instructions: Easy 1-2-3 step-by-step guide.


 Family Fun and Assemble and re-assemble for continuous enjoyment.

REASONS TO AVOID:  Small Pieces: Potential choking hazard for young children.  Complex: Might be challenging for very young kids.

AGES: I recommend this for 8 years to adults. 


300 pieces. Countless options. Endless enjoyment! Puzzle Face lets you create any face with just one 300-piece puzzle, providing the flexibility to assemble and re-assemble it to your heart's content. For a multicultural family like ours, this game opens up a world of possibilities, maybe the next face can be Frida Kahlo, Selena Quintanilla, El Chavo del Ocho, or abuela! Simply sort the pieces, follow the color-coded Image Key, and put each piece in the right place. Once completed, flip the puzzle over to reveal your unique Puzzle Face! The Puzzle Face Image Key app helps you easily create the guide, making it a great group activity for the family. Give it a try and watch your child's creativity soar!   

LEARN MORE: Let's Stick Together

AVAILABLE AT: Let's Stick Together

Monopoly Scrabble

Monopoly Scrabble

 Available at Amazon


  • Material: Wood, Paper, Plastic

  • Theme: Educational

  • Number of Players: 2-4

REASONS TO BUY:    Fun family game with updated classics that plays in under 1 hour.


REASONS TO AVOID:  Limited appeal if not interested in word-building games.

AGES: I recommend this for 8 years to adults. 


I grew up with Monopoly.  It was our family's favorite game to play on a Friday or Saturday.  It still is one one my favorite games to play as it reminds me of the great times I had playing with my late father.  The only thing is, that Monopoly took forever to play!  I remember playing until 12 or 1 in the morning.  Yes, my Latino parents didn't think it was a big deal, lol.  

I appreciate Monopoly Scrabble for its unique ability to appeal to diverse interests, ages, and quick play for our multicultural family. The game's blend of Monopoly and Scrabble provides a dynamic and engaging experience that resonates with different generations. Moreover, the educational aspect of word-building not only enhances language skills but also promotes strategic thinking. The quick playtime is a significant advantage, aligning with the fast-paced nature of our daily lives. Overall, Monopoly Scrabble offers a fantastic opportunity for enjoyable, multigenerational, and educational family bonding.  Just keep an eye out for abuela or abuelo!



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Karina DeVaul

Karina DeVaul

mayo 14, 2024

Great gift ideas! I hadn’t heard of some of these toys. Super cool!



mayo 14, 2024

These are amazing! Gracias por la oportunidad!

Audrey Stewart

Audrey Stewart

mayo 14, 2024

These are some really great toys. Thank you for the giveaway and thinking of others.

Miranda Quintero

Miranda Quintero

mayo 14, 2024

I saw the puzzle face at a librarian conference. It is SO cool! Endless opportunities for fun!

Randi Willliams

Randi Willliams

noviembre 21, 2023

Thank you for sharing all these amazing toys/gift ideas for the holidays

V Martinez

V Martinez

noviembre 21, 2023

So many cool toy ideas.

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