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3.04 Nathalia Segoviano - How to Build Generational Wealth

3.04 Nathalia Segoviano - How to Build Generational Wealth - Mi LegaSi

Do you know how to build generational wealth?  Do you want tips on how you can break the cycle of scarcity and create an abundant life for yourself and your kids? In this episode, we continue the money talk with Latina mom of 1, Guatemalan champurrado lover, and money coach Nathalia Segoviano.

Join us as we give you 4 tips on creating generational wealth so you can empower your family.  Plus, we’ll talk about her multicultural traditions and stick around for a very special freebie that will give you a great return on your time investment.  Asi que no te lo pierdas!

Season 3 Podcast Episode 04 The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast Show Notes - How Latinas Can Set Up Their Financial Foundation in 5 Steps

About Money Coach Nathalia Segoviano

Nathalia Segoviano is a Money Coach at Mom Money Boss

Mom Money Coach Nathalia Segoviano

Nathalia Segoviano is a money coach who has transformed her life and her finances and is now helping other moms take control of their money with her budgeting tools program.

Follow Nathalia on Instagram @mom_money_boss

Email Nathalia at:

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Nathalia Segoviano's Show Recommendations to Build Generational Wealth

    • Look into a 529 College Education plan for your child or children that will allow you and your loved ones an opportunity to invest in your child’s education and future. Plans vary by state, so do your homework.
        •  Invest your money. Invest your money in your company’s 401K plan, and a Roth IRA or traditional IRA plan first.  You can also open a brokerage account and start investing in index funds or be more adventurous and invest in the stock market.  However, make sure that you have your foundation covered first, your emergency savings fund.
        Janny uses: 
        Tiaa- Creffor Roth IRAs and Mutual Funds
        Etradefor Stock Trading and ETFs
        Computershare for direct company stock purchases.
        • Create passive income. Look for ways outside of your 9 to 5 job that can create income.  You will likely have to work to create something but you can reap the benefits after you have created it.
          • Invest in real estate. Not only can real estate be something tangible that you can pass down it can also be a source of income.

            Remember building generational wealth doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time, patience, and a plan of action in order for it to happen, but little by little you can do this. The sooner you start, the more money you will have later.

            Janny Perez Show Child Focused Recommendations


            The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a relationship-focused methodology founded strategically in The 3 Stands™ for helping children (and adults) build their Inner Wealth® and use their intensity in successful ways. It has become a powerful way of awakening the inherent greatness in all children while facilitating parenting and classroom success.

            The essence of the Approach is a set of core methodologies originally developed for working with the most difficult children.  It has a proven impact on every child, including those who are challenged behaviorally, socially and academically. The Nurtured Heart Approach has been shown to create transformative changes in children diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder and other behavioral, emotional and anxiety related symptoms – almost always without the need for long-term mental health treatment. Even children experiencing social cognitive challenges, like Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger Syndrome greatly benefit from the Approach, reducing the need for traditional mental health and medical interventions.

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