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3.15 Yvonne Hernandez - How to Teach Kids to Be Calm with Decide Balance Founder

3.15 Yvonne Hernandez - How to Teach Kids to Be Calm with Decide Balance Founder - Mi LegaSi

Do you ever wonder how you can teach your child to be the calm in the chaos, especially during these crazy times? In this episode, Latina mom on 3, Reiki healer, meditation advocate, and founder of Decide Balance Yvonne Hernandez empowers bilinguals with different ways we can help our children calm down.

Join us as we talk about what meditation looks like for kids, how Reiki works, and using imagination as a mindful activity to help kids calm down.  Plus we’ll talk about how she’s raising bilingual children, her secret ingredient in her tamales, and if you stick around to the end you’ll get a Freebie that will help your children sleep better through the night, asi que no te lo pierdas!

About Yvonne Hernandez

Yvonne Hernández is the Founder and Host of the Decide Balance Podcast, a 5 - minute bilingual (English & Spanish) meditation podcast. She is also a Chopra Certified Meditation Teacher and a Reiki Master who sought and implemented holistic healing after being diagnosed with vitiligo, a condition in which skin loses its pigmentation. 

Decide Balance was founded in her journey to provide tools to manage stress, anxiety and emotions for her kids' classrooms. She is able offer this as a means for parents and children to find relief, peace and comfort in their busy lives without any disruption to their day because the goal is to relieve stress, not add to it!

Yvonne Hernandez Decide Balance

The name “Decide Balance” encompasses what it means to have a busy life and access to holistic techniques to balance your daily life for yourself, your family and those around you without interfering with your daily obligations.

As a Reiki Master she helps others push away pain, anxiety and negative emotions so they are able to heal themselves and connect to the universal energy. 

Yvonne stays busy as Chief Operations Officer of Casa Hernández consisting of her husband and three future world changers. She is also a Girl Scout Troop leader and is an avid dancer who encourages her kids to move to their own beat. 

Yvonne's Recommendations for Raising a Bilingual Child:

Jose Luis Orosco Music

Eric Carl The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bilingual

Eric Carl Papá, por favor, bájame la luna (Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me) (The World of Eric Carle) (Spanish Edition)

Eric Carl El gallo sale a ver el mundo (Rooster's Off to See the World) (The World of Eric Carle) (Spanish Edition)

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