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3.18 How Three Latina Sisters are Changing the Bilingual Book Landscape

3.18 How Three Latina Sisters are Changing the Bilingual Book Landscape - Mi LegaSi

Are you raising bilingual kids but frustrated at the lack of resources available? Would you like to know how a bilingual early education teacher and her twin sisters are raising bilingual children while also changing the bilingual Spanish book landscape? In this episode, Latina moms and sisters, culture promoters, educators, and founders of Little Dreamers Publishing Nadia and Nidia Merino Hernandez and Nayeli Merino Chavez share their story.

Join us as we talk about their biggest tips for raising bilinguals and why they started their own bilingual publishing company.  Plus, we’ll talk about their favorite platos, remedios, and their mami’s words of wisdom, asi que no te lo pierdas!

About Little Dreamers Publishing

We welcome you on our journey of creating our small, Latina-owned publishing company! As Mexican immigrants, we represent the 1.5 generation of immigrants who came to the U.S. at an early age and grew up bilingually learning and thriving in two languages. Through our vast experience in education, we understand the importance of being bilingual and embracing
learning two or more languages. We were dreamers long before the Dreamers movement took momentum, and we want to be part of the movement of helping new generations of Little Dreamers thrive and succeed in school while embracing their bilingualism. We proudly support biliteracy and bilingualism!
Little Dreamers Publishing

Our mission is to develop quality educational bilingual workbooks that will help children learn two languages and help increase the exposure of our community to STEM, art, and culture throughout children’s books that tell our stories and embrace being bilingual. Representation matters and we have an important role in creating stories that talk about our experiences living
in two cultures and two languages.
Little Dreamers

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