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469 - Bilingual Spanish Activities You Can Do In The Summer

469 - Bilingual Spanish Activities You Can Do In The Summer - Mi LegaSi

Do you know to encourage your child’s language learning over the summer?  Are you afraid they will lose some of what they have already learned?   In this episode, I give a list of activities that you can do with your child to keep them engaged and excited about learning a new language.

Join me as I share with you, where to take your child, which apps and games to use, and even give you a list of bilingual Spanish summer books to add to your reading list this summer.  Plus, I have a free Spanish Scavenger Hunt Download you don’t want to miss.  Yo, a Latina mom, bilingual parenting educator, and now author Janny Perez te invito as we take a closer look.  Asi que no te lo pierdas!

What you’ll learn from this episode

  • Outdoor activities to practice language learning.
  • Free Spanish Scavenger Hunt Download
  • Travel Tips for Language Learning
  • Children's Bilingual Spanish book recommendations perfect for summer reading. 
  • Top Summer Latino and Hispanic Festivals & Parades throughout the US.
  • 3 Language learning resources you can get up to 95% off.

Additional Resources


Spanish Scavenger Hunt Nature WalkBeach Spanish Scavenger HuntSpanish Scavenger Hunt Zoo

Download your Free Spanish Scavenger Hunt Bundle.

Travel Tips:

A Latina Mom's Guide to Traveling to Medellin, Colombia with Kids

Bilingual Spanish Summer Reading Books:

Tia Isa Wants a Car or in Spanish Tia Isa Quiere Un Carro

The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation or in Spanish La Princesa de Negro se va de Vacaciones

Happiness Street - Calle Felicidad

And Then Comes Summer or in Spanish Entonces llega el verano

Fun and Fruitor in Spanish ¡Qué divertido es comer fruta!

Paletero Man

 What Can You Do With a Paleta? / ¿Qué puedes hacer con una paleta?

The Beach Tripor in Spanish Viaje a la playa

How Will We Get to the Beach? / Como iremos a la playa?


Latino or Hispanic Summer Festivals and Parades:

Latino Book & Family Festival – San Diego June. 10, 2023

Passaic County Book Festival - Clifton, NJ. June 10, 2023

National Puerto Rican Day Parade – NYC June 11, 2023

Viva Venezuela en Charlotte, NC – Jul 1, 2023

El Gran Festival Colombiano – Chicago Julio 14-16, 2023

Festival Colombiano – Los Angeles, July 23, 2023

Fiesta del Sol – Chicago, IL Barrio Pilsen – July 27 – 30, 2023

Mega Peruvian Festival – Salt Lake City Utah – July 28and 29, 2023

Apps, Classes, & Resources:

Mondly Languages GET 95% OFF a Lifetime Access Plan 

Hey Spanish. Use code MILEGASI at checkout for a free class.

Preply Get 50% Off your 1st class.

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