Episode 03 -The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast - Halloween, Leyendas, and Dia de Los Muertos

Episode 03 -The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast - Halloween, Leyendas, and Dia de Los Muertos

por Janny Perez

Halloween, Latino Folklore Stories, and Day of the Dead

Are you ready for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos?  Does El Cucuy, La Llorona, El Sombreron, or La Cegua mean anything to you?  Well, this episode is jam packed with stories, leyendas, and paying tribute to our deceased.  Join us with special guest, Latina mom of 2, Lizzy Rodriguez as she educates us on Dia de Los Muertos and celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico.  Are you ready for some fun? Muahahahaha...You won't want to miss this one!

Plus check out great resources below on how you can continue the Halloween and Day of the Dead celebration with your familia at home.

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Podcast Episode 03 Show Notes:

FREE Halloween Day of the Dead Flashcards Download - Use code from podcast.

Click to check out behind the scenes makeup and CBS News featuring me, Janny Perez, as a Hispanic Heritage model for amazing makeup artist Laura Hoyos.

Hispanic Halloween Costume Ideas

 10 Hispanic and Latino Halloween Costumes For Your Entire Family

Hispanic and Latino Halloween Pinterest Board

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos - Day of the Dead

10 Ways to Honor the Dead with our Kids on Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos Pinterest Board with Recipes

Leyendas and Latin Folklore

Mitos and Leyendas Pinterest Board

Our Favorite Halloween, Folklore, and Dia de Los Muertos Books



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Janny Perez
Janny Perez


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