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507-Best Bilingual Spanish and Multicultural Toys From Toy Fair 2023

507-Best Bilingual Spanish and Multicultural Toys From Toy Fair 2023 - Mi LegaSi

Want to know what bilingual Spanish toys are available today?  Are there any toys that reflect our multicultural families or world?  In this episode, I take you to Toy Fair, the Western Hemisphere’s largest toy exhibition where over 1000 toy and entertainment companies share the hottest in toys.

Join me as I give you my top bilingual Spanish and multicultural toy recommendations from Toy Fair and interview some of the founders behind them.  Plus, I unveil how to enter the Bilingual and Multicultural Toy Giveaway for your chance to get your hands on many of these toys.   Yo, a bilingual parenting educator, author, and multilingual parenting mom Janny Perez, te invito as we take a closer look.  Asi que no te lo pierdas.


In this Episode You Will Learn

  • Understanding the Benefits of Multicultural Toys:  The importance of exposing children to toys that reflect diverse cultures and languages, fostering inclusivity and a broader understanding of the world.
    • Exploring Educational Opportunities: Listeners can gain insights into how bilingual and multicultural toys contribute to cognitive development and language acquisition in young children, aiding in their overall educational growth.
      • Discovering Innovative Toy Designs: Through interviews with various toy companies, the podcast can showcase new and innovative toy designs that integrate multiple languages and cultures, encouraging creativity and imagination among children.
        • Promoting Cultural Appreciation and Understanding: The episode emphasizes the significance of promoting cultural appreciation and understanding through play, enabling children to develop respect and empathy for different traditions, languages, and backgrounds.
          • Participating in the Toy Giveaway: Listeners can learn about the details of the toy giveaway associated with the podcast, including the eligibility criteria, the significance of the selected toys, and how participating can benefit children's cultural awareness and linguistic skills.

          About This Episode Guests

          Julie Gwaltney is the Senior Director at Tomy International and shares with us more about the company's collaboration with Robyn Arzón to create the new line of Toys, Bebé Fuerte.

          Dr. Zabina Bhasin, MD "Dr. Zee" is the founder of In Kidz Co and shares about her company's mission to create a brand with a  core concept of BELONGINGNESS.

          DeeDee Wright-Ward is an Entrepreneur, Business Development Executive, Brand Specialist and Founder of Purpose Toys and talks about the company's new Latino driven division Purpose Toys Latin and its new line of all Latina fashion dolls known as Latinistas.

          Daniela Blanchet is head of content at Storypod and shares all about the company and its mission of providing educational content through audio. 

          Melissa Orijin is the founder of Orijin Bees, a multicultural doll company. "Orijin Bees are confident, kind, intelligent, beautiful girls thatthat that embrace their orijinal features and come together to impact the world in a powerful way."

          Evi Triantafyllidesis one of the founders at Worldwide Buddies.  Evi holds a BA in Geography from LSE and an MA in Education & Creative Writing from NYU. She has worked at kindergartens and in the editorial department of Penguin Random House. 

          Additional Resources 

          Best Bilingual Spanish and Multicultural Toy Guide- a list of all my favorite bilingual Spanish and multicultural toys from Toy Fair.  Some that didn't make it to this podcast episode. 


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