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515-Practical New Year Goals for Bilingual Parenting & Life

515-Practical New Year Goals for Bilingual Parenting & Life

It’s the end of the year, want to know how to make New Year goals for bilingual parenting that will help keep you consistent and committed?  In this episode, I close out the year by offering you powerful tips on making and keeping your goals.

Join me as I offer my words of wisdom on what goals you need to focus on that will help you not just in bilingual parenting but in your life as well.  Plus, I share what worked and didn’t work for us in 2023.  Yo, a bilingual parenting educator, author, and mom Janny Perez te invito as we take a closer look.  Asi que no te lo pierdas.



Here's a sneak peek into what you'll learn:

  1. Reflect and Reframe: Discover the importance of reflecting on the past year's successes and challenges before diving into new goals for your bilingual journey.

  2. Bilingual Goal Setting: Learn how to craft 2-3 clear and achievable bilingual goals for the new year, setting the stage for a more intentional and successful parenting approach.

  3. The Power of Small Goals: Uncover the secret to setting smaller, more manageable goals initially, with the flexibility to expand and evolve over time.

  4. Community Support: Understand the role of community in raising a bilingual child. Acknowledging and involving your community in your goals will remind you to seek support when needed.

  5. Visualizing Success: Explore the effectiveness of vision boards with written affirmations as a powerful visual tool to keep your family connected to your bilingual goals throughout the year.

Join us on this journey of reflection, goal-setting, and community engagement as we equip you with the tools to nurture bilingualism in your child.

Additional Resources:

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