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526 - 5 Essential Money Building Tips For Latinas

526 - 5 Essential Money Building Tips For Latinas - Mi LegaSi

Latina Moms' Financial Advice: Money Growth, Mindset, and Independence.  In this episode, 7 Latina moms, including CEOs, money coaches, award-winning authors, and myself, share our best financial advice. Discover how to make your money grow, change limiting beliefs, and boost your financial confidence. Plus, I share my favorite money resources.

About Our Guests:

Sandra Velazquez: CEO of Nopalera, seen on Shark Tank. Full interview On episode 439:  Sandra Velazquez Nopalera Founder & How She’s Built a 7-Figure Culture Brand.

Karina Mora: Curator of Mexican discovery trips. Full interview on episode: 460: How to Reclaim Your Cultural Legacy for Your Kids

Nathalia Segoviano: Latinx money coach. Full interviews episode 303 How Latinas Can Build a Financial Foundation in 5 Steps With Natalia Segoviano and episode 304:  How Latinos Can Build Generational Wealth for additional money tips.

Jen Hemphill: Author of "Her Money Matters" and host of the "Her Dinero Matters" podcast. Full interview episode 431- Jen Hemphill: 3 Habits for Latinas to Build Money Confidence.

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato: Award-winning author of the bilingual trilogy, Captain Mama books. Full interviews: episode 446: Creating a Language Foundation For Different Children's Needs and episode 449:  The Award-Winning Air Force Veteran Behind Captain Mama Bilingual Books.

Valeria Aloe: Award-winning author of "Uncolonized Latinas" and creator of the Rising Together Movement. Full interview:  Episode 407: Valeria Aloe – How Latinas Can Transform Their Mindsets and Rise Together.

Janny Perez: Host of "The Latina Mom Legacy" podcast and founder of

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

1.  Changing Money Mindset: Overcome limiting beliefs and develop a positive relationship with money.

2.  Budgeting and Financial Awareness: Manage money effectively through budgeting and expense tracking.

3.  Investing for the Future: Secure financial stability by investing in retirement accounts.

4.  Achieving Financial Independence: Gain control over finances to pursue goals and live life on your terms.

5.  Prioritizing Saving and Strategic Investing: Save money and invest in assets aligned with financial goals.

Hear personal experiences, insights, and best practices for growing money and building financial confidence. Plus, discover favorite money resources. 

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